Inside Baseball – Talk about

Inside Baseball – Talk about

Sometimes you want to learn more about how something is made (engineers, I’m looking at you). Sometimes you want want to stay as far as possible from “seeing how the sausage is made” (emotionally scarred, former sausage makers, I’m looking at you). Today, you have a choice.

I (Chris Gammell here) had the opportunity to talk a bit about on a podcast called The Engineering Commons. In full disclosure, this is a podcast that I helped to start, namely because I’m in the first group above–the ones who like hearing how things are made. I’m no longer working on that podcast, but they asked me back to talk about and jumping from working on hardware to software. We also covered topics like part discovery, eCommerce for the different types of engineering and how to find unique items online (simply because their uniqueness makes them difficult to find).

So if you’d like to hear more about the story behind–or at least more than you’ve read here–check out the podcast:

Thanks to Andrei Niemimäki for the picture of the baseball glove


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