Our Official Parts.io Launch At DesignCon

Our Official Parts.io Launch At DesignCon

We’re excited to be announcing the official parts.io launch at DesignCon, currently running at the Santa Clara convention center.

But wait, hasn’t Parts.io been around for a while now?

That’s right, we’ve had both an Alpha program and have invited users to register for a few months now. But today we have pushed out new features, including a way to search immediately upon arriving at Parts.io. This is our publicly available search, which allows you to try out the search before signing up.

We’re super excited about other features as well! It’s now easier than ever to browse through components and discover a new one for your design. Of note is the ability to click a datasheet and view it immediately in the browser (you can still download the datasheet immediately upon viewing). The idea behind this is to quickly look at the front page of a datasheet and see if it’s right for you without switching browser tabs and looking at PDF viewers.


We also have a new BOM tool and List feature. You can now upload a BOM and select the distributor you want to be using and gather up the pricing for each:

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 5.22.45 PM


We also made a video showing some of the new features you can see here:

There are a bunch of other new things on the site but the best way to discover them is to try it out! Sign up for Parts.io today!



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