Enabling Confidence in Design Enabling Confidence in Design

Even at the very beginning of the design process, viability of the final product begins to take shape. That viability can be easy to spot in some cases, in others the viability issues are located deep in the fine points of your supply chain. If your requirements include something like “a functional space elevator”, it’s simple to avoid placing confidence in that design. On the other hand, with a hidden issue, you can be absolutely confident right up to the moment when the rug gets pulled out from under you.

“Our design incorporated a specific precision voltage reference, and when it came time to go to production, all the distributors were sold out. There was an 18 week lead time on factory supply.”

Enabling Confidence

The last thing you want on the way to a production run, is any kind of surprise. enables confidence in design by giving you detailed information on the component you’re choosing that isn’t available anywhere else on the internet.

Risk Profile
First and foremost, we assess the riskiness of electronics components. Using our ranking model, you’ll know where you might expect to hit snags as you move through the product process: design to prototype to production to long term manufacturing.

Risk - Compact White

Price Analytics
Finding a bug in your hardware just before production is a bad feeling. It’s just as horrible discovering a component just blew up your budget.

“They had all the chips I needed, but the price went up on our micro by 30 cents so we couldn’t afford the same volume production run any more.”

Using price analytics, you can track the price of a component over the previous 12 months, and see if there were any nasty spikes that could have caught you out. Past performance is not an indicator of future results, but it can be helpful to run a model to see what your production run would have cost if you’d run it 12 months previously. Does your budget stand up?

Price Analytics

Inventory Analytics
The same engine that tracks composite pricing levels, also tracks global distributor stock level over the same time period. Is the chart trending towards larger inventory or smaller? Do you have to get ready to mortgage your house to buy the global inventory of precision 49 ohm resistors?

Stock Analytics

Popularity Analytics
All our search results draw on the full power of the SupplyFrame ecosystem, so we can tell how popular a part has become overtime. Are 1,000s of engineers all checking on the specs, price and availability of a component? That component bubbles to the top of the search results, due to the increasing interest in that part.

“Sometimes I wish someone would just tell me which part to use.”

Popularity Analytics

Search by Specification
Each of the vital parameters necessary for selecting a component is laid out in a set of filters, specific to the component type, so you can narrow in on the specifications that match your requirements. If you need a…

  1. Tantalum Capacitor (1.025MM results)
  2. 10uF (52,964 results)
  3. Actively manufactured (34,820 results)
  4. Surface mount (15,729 results)
  5. Rated to min 50V (821 results)
  6. Maximum 800mΩ ESR (513 results)
  7. In stock at distributors (11 results)
  8. With a risk rank below 2. (2 results)

… we can find that for you. Easily.

Capacitor Filters

Ending the Surprise

What all the filtering and analytics boil down to, is allowing you to make the most informed decision you can on the components you select. Getting product out of the factory and into your customer’s hands goes far beyond the simple specifications — it’s greater than the sum of it’s parts. Getting your product rolling means making the right choices at the beginning that end the surprises before they happen. is committed to ending those surprises by giving you all the information you need, when you need it, to give you confidence in design.

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