Related Parts

Related Parts

“Don’t forget the milk”

How many of us have heard this refrain while walking out the door on the way to work? It’s tough to get through your daily work tasks and then still remember the pieces you were supposed to include on your shopping list on the way home.

Designing electronics isn’t as low-stakes as stopping by the grocery store, of course. If you forget to place a component in your design, you’re in trouble no matter what; it is far too late to go back and search for other needed components when you have a PCB in hand. But when you’re shopping for parts, it is useful to have a range of components suggested to you, especially if you’re at the beginning of your design. If you are searching for microcontrollers and see related listings for a linear regulator, you’ll at least start thinking about it. Same goes for oscillators, crystals, connectors and a range of other peripherals that often accompany microcontroller designs.

Today we are releasing our new “Related Parts” section of the detail page.


This new section will help you to discover secondary parts and categories that are linked to the component you’re viewing. For example, if you’re viewing the STM8S003F3P6, you’ll also see recommendations to check out the LD1117AS33TR. Over thousands and thousands of searches, we’ve started to compile parts that are often searched together.

Why are these parts paired in the first place? A common reason is their coincidence on popular designs, like a reference design or application note. Other times, it’s because of similar price point or performance specification (think, “cheapest part in a category” or “connector that can handle 5 GHz signals coming out of an FPGA”). Other times it could simply be that the secondary part is recommended by the manufacturer of the primary part.

Whatever the reasons, it can save designers time and heartaches to see the parts that are often placed together. Instead of searching from scratch (which we can do as well!), it gives a hint as to what other parts should be in a design. Combining this with our Risk Rank, our popularity tracking and our natural language search, we’re helping electronics designers quickly find new components for their next product.

We’re always looking to improve our search capabilities. If you see something out of place or have suggestions about other things you’d like to see on, please feel free to let us know on our Community site.


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