The Alpha Program

The Alpha Program


This week we’ll start introducing the alpha version of to select individuals. We’ll also start handing out codes to sign up for the Alpha Program, where we will give experienced users (who don’t mind an occasional blip or two in service) will have the opportunity to start trying out the service. There will also be the opportunity to help steer and optimize the direction of the search experience.

We are excited to be able to show what we have been working on! We also want to share all of the delicious data with our users, who will be able to utilize it for finding the best components for their designs. If you would like to be part of the alpha program but have not received a handout with a code, please leave a comment on this article about why you would like to join in and we’ll get back to you (be sure to leave a valid email in the comment box form).




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  1. Andrew Retallack

    I’m a frantic hobbyist, boiling with designs and projects. Sourcing parts from remote South Africa is a real bottleneck in getting my projects spun. I’d seriously value an integrated tool that will allow me to make it go faster, easier, less painless

  2. Tom Anderson

    I designed our corporate part web site about 15 years ago and I have added enhancements since then. I’ve also built a much smaller system when I was selling kits. If you want the perspective of someone who likes using an Approved Manufacturer List for company part numbers, sign me up.

  3. Alexander Hiam

    I spend a fair bit of time tracking down parts for clients, and it looks like this could potentially solve all the issues that can make it a painstakingly slow process when done manually. I’d love to give the alpha a try!

  4. Margaret

    I am currently designing and building Arduino Shields. I am at a beginner level. If I am in the target demographic, I would like to be part of the alpha. Thank you.

  5. Paul hill

    id love to try this Tool

    being a start up i see so much if my time disappear to searching parts
    anything that saves time looking for the right part is worth working on

    good luck with the project

  6. Pedro Perez

    I usually work with octopart, digikey, etc. Octopart at least has an api which I have been using lately to do some advamced searches based on calculated columns. I would really like to see what is up to, and maybe change definitely to it.

  7. Greg Harrison

    Hi Chris – I was referred by tweet via /r/TheAmpHour. This is a great idea, and I’d love to give a spin and compare it to Octopart, Digi-Key, and direct FindChips results. My designs are primarily corporate, targeting industrial applications, with heavy use of FPGA and CPLD devices.

  8. Kevin Meagher

    A note on the this web page design. I’m blocked from seeing the “PartsIO_intro” above since my company blocks access to file sharing site links like Dropbox on web pages. Is there another way to embed the link?

  9. Anders Guldahl

    Regular user of octoparts and findchips, in addition to digikey/mouser etc. Heard about this on the Amp Hour, would love to try it out. Primarily doing low power/rf and also motor control stuff.

  10. Duane Benson

    I’m quite interested, both personally, and for the possibility that what you do might fit with what my employer, Screaming Circuits, does.

  11. Jeremy Heilman

    I’d love to alpha on this! I suspect I’m like many out there, who use digikey as a parametric search or arrow or future for search term. The problem there are the lines these doesn’t franchise, or the parameters they don’t list on the parts they do sell. Plus, link this to findchips for procurement, and this is a real winner.

  12. Anthony May

    @techydude, pro EE here, & actively seeking parts for 2 designs right at the moment (a 2nd prototype PCB & a new 1st prototype PCB), would love to help out.

  13. RichC

    Wow, it was only a week ago I was ranting to someone about how the world needs a tool like this! I would be keen to evaluate and feedback on the alpha – I’ve just started a new hardware design so it would be interesting to see how it stacks up.

  14. Jason Cerundolo

    I use DigiKey and OctoPart daily, and I am definitely open to trying something better. I work as a hardware engineer as a day job, and seems great for discovering new parts with better performance. At night, I’m working on a seven segment display as an open source hardware project, and will be very useful as I try to reduce costs.

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