Supercharging Data

Supercharging Data

Here at, we’re all about data. It is so important to have the most available information when discovering and deciding on new components. Today we are rolling out a new release that make this even easier for you. We are supercharging data and implementing a range of new features that surround it. This has been a large push for us, especially because of the things we needed to do to ensure a consistent experience for our user base.

In fact, we wanted to mention the consistency first, as this blog post is also here to explain to users what happened if they see an unexpected page. We have reorganized some of the categories and classes to make the navigation of the site easier. You’ll notice that we have created new classes like “Power Circuits“, which helps to encapsulate the wide range of ways of powering your projects: it might be a linear or switching regulator, it might be a power module or it might be a battery charging solution. These are now bundled together so that when you need “power”, you see it all in one place. Since we refactored where some of that data lives, we needed to redirect bookmarked links and links from search engines. We let people know with a blue strip across the top of changed search result pages. If you happen to see this, know that the data is still here, it just moved around. Please adjust any bookmarks you might have with the new location.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 8.02.21 PM

Enough about the old, in with the new! What are some of the other improvements you’ll see?

  • More fields – We have new data on a ton of parts! Here’s a small sampling of additional data that will help you refine the list of parts that will fit your design:
    • Microcontrollers now have memory sizes included. This is useful for separating out  parts in the same family that can have a wide range of storage space and operating memory.
    • Capacitors have ESR listed, something that was requested by users but missing previously.
    • Nearly all components now include dimensional data, so you’ll know if a 5.5mm switch might be a problem in a space that requires a 4.5mm component.
    • Too many changes in a range of categories to list here. Go search to see it all!
  • More categories – We now have categories for things like batteries, wiring and other mechanical parts. We still have more to add in the future, but this is a great start for looking up standard pieces that get implemented into designs. Not only are their datasheets and specifications available, but we list prices from our sister site FindChips. This gives the best pricing across a range of manufacturers and distributors.
  • More data – Our overall part count and the parametrics associated with them continues to rise. This includes parts that have been added to the ecosystem (new parts), as well as some parts that we noticed were not in previous updates. We are continuously seeking out and adding new data and presenting it to our users.
  • More usability – Many of these were inspired by the community feedback we have received so far.  One good example is the ability to directly enter values, as in the sliders shown below. There are a range of user interface changes that will make it easier for you to find and filter new components. We’ll talk more about these in future posts, as these new data based decision making tools require more in depth discussions.


We’re excited to continue to “amp up” the experience for users on If you have questions, suggestions or need some help with a search, we have a community site where we’re always available. We love discussing all things electronics and making part research a better experience every single day.


Thanks to The359 for the picture of the supercharged vehicle grill.


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