Today’s Interesting Part (TIP)

Today’s Interesting Part (TIP)

We’ve started playing around with a new way of sharing info with users. Well, new to us: Twitter!

We’ve had a Twitter account from the beginning (@PartsIO), but it has been more about posting when there is a new blog post and interacting with feedback from users (which we love!). However, is all about helping you find new parts. Whether this is with our innovative new filtering methods, our huge data set or our PartExpander™ capabilities, we’re all about helping you discover the component that will help you make better products. This is our goal and it’s what we’re focusing on each and every day.

Today’s Interesting Part (TIP) will be a daily tweet (or more) alerting users to a useful or interesting part we found on our site that we think users would appreciate. For as many parts as there are in the ecosystem (100s of millions), it can be tough to discover new ones regularly. Gone are the days of flipping through databooks, dreaming of new applications of parts that you have found…because “databooks” have been supplanted by the online information that we know and love! While our primary focus is on giving you the tools necessary to seek out the part you need, we’re also interesting in curating content to help you dream up your next project. This is one of the ways that we hope to do that.

Databooks by Mightyohm

The grand ol’ days of dead-tree databooks. Isn’t life better online?
But what if you don’t have a Twitter account? That’s not a problem at all! First off, Twitter pages are (mostly) public, so you can simply go to our Twitter page and see the tweets and links to the recommended parts without an account. But you can also use a service like “Feed My Inbox“, which will recognize when there are new tweets and send them to you by email (use the following as the Feed URL:, enter your email address). There are lots of similar services on the web which will send feeds (which Twitter acts as) to your email.

How do you normally find out about new parts? Let us know in the comments section…or on Twitter!

Thanks to Mightyohm for the picture of databooks


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