Welcome to Parts.io!

Welcome to Parts.io!

Much like when any blog or site starts up, we need to define what we’ll be discussing. The problem is, we’re not sure exactly where we’re headed yet. One thing we do know is that this site will center around one main feature:

Helping you to find electronic components. Welcome to Parts.io!

I know… you’re thinking this has already been solved, right? There are great tools out there like FindChips.com and OEMstrade.com. Well those are all a part of our parent company Supply Frame. We love those sites and some of the data that those sites use will also be integrated here. However, there is a missing piece in all of this. The data that you can currently gather has gaps in it. Not necessarily whether or not specific parts are out there in the marketplace, available for purchase. No, the task we want to solve is more broad; we don’t want to help you find a part, we want to help you find a solution for your design. How do you compare parts across vendors and package type? How do you discover new parts in the midst of your searching? How do you visualize data to make accurate decisions, especially when you’re attempting to assess whether a part will be a good fit? How do you ensure that good fit is valid now and into the future when you start manufacturing? We hope to work on many of these tasks and to communicate about them with you here. It’s important that we are able to roll out changes and quickly hear what users think about them. In return for your opinions, we will debut some very advanced component search features, using some of the richest data sources. So welcome! It’s going to be a wild ride!


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