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Part of the Parts.io team (heh) was at Electronica this week. We were demoing the site to our friends in Europe, sampling the local cuisine and walking around the city of Munich experiencing the culture. But there was one other thing we did:

We officially opened up Parts.io to the public. Parts.io is live! Starting today, you can log in at any time and try out the new search engine. Here are the steps we’d like you to take:

  • Register for Parts.io – Go to the main page and enter a email/password. If you see the “Welcome” page when you log in (instead of the search entry box), try logging out and logging back in.
  • Register for Community.Parts.io – This is our forum site. This is the place we accept feedback for the site and give technical support; we also have posted some walk-throughs to get people started (notably changing your username and doing your first search). The registration for the community site is tied to your Parts.io account.
  • Try out the search! – You now have access to a completely new way of discovering electronic components. Try searching for parts using manufacturer part numbers, partial part numbers, categories, or free text search terms.
  • Let us know what you think – Feel free to create a thread at any time on Community.Parts.io about what you think or what you’re having trouble with on the search site. Doing so on there will keep the conversation going, allow others on the Parts.io team to read and respond and will guarantee the quickest response. Remember that this is an alpha site, so it is possible that one or two things don’t work exactly as expected, but we’d love to hear about what your expectations are and how you would like to see it changed.

If you have trouble getting logged in to either site, you can comment on this post. Past that we hope that you’ll use the community site to give feedback.

Finally, now that we have opened up the site to the world, we would love if you share it with your co-workers and friends! You can tweet to us at @PartsIO or share the Parts.io link on any of your other favorite networks.

We’re super pumped about the future of Parts.io and hope you are too! Giving designers and engineers more data to make intelligent decisions will result in better products and more people enjoying the electronics design process.



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